Family Toolkit - Chapter 03 - Section 03 - English

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Suggested Questions to Ask School Staff
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Suggested Questions to Ask School Staff

The following are sample, optional questions you may ask school staff about educational programs and services for your child.

General Questions

  1. How is my child doing in school? Is my child’s English where it needs to be?
  2. Can you explain the program(s) available to help my child learn English? Is there more than one option? If so, how do I enroll my child in a language instruction program, such as an English language learning (ELL) or English as a second language (ESL) program?
  3. What can we do at home to help my child learn in “__________” class? Is there homework help available (e.g., a call-in number or website)?
  4. Will my child graduate on time with a regular high school diploma? If my child does not meet the requirements to graduate high school with a regular high school diploma, what other certificates, credentials, or alternative diplomas are available?
  5. What does my child need to do to be college-ready or skilled in a trade?
  6. Is there a trade school training program or other CTE program offered at this school?
  7. Can my child enroll in dual-enrollment courses to earn credits towards college or university?


  1. My child is having trouble in “__________.” How can I get more help for him/her?

Summer or Intersession Programs

  1. Does the school offer summer or intersession programs to support my child’s progress in classes like reading and math?
  2. Is my child eligible to receive financial assistance for summer and/or intersession program fees?

Advanced Classes

  1. How does my child get into honors or advanced classes?
  2. My child wants to go to college; what classes does he or she need to take to be college-ready?
  3. Should my child be in advanced classes at school? (Advanced classes may include honors and AP or IB classes as well as classes for students identified as gifted and talented.)
  4. What do I need to do for my child to enroll in these classes?
  5. Do these classes cost money? If there are fees for these classes or related exams, are fee waivers or scholarships available?

Online Classes or Distance Learning

  1. Are online courses available from the school?
  2. How can I enroll my child in such courses?
  3. What can these courses do to help my child’s educational needs?
  4. How does the school make sure the course is accessible to my child if he or she has a disability?
  5. Are there places where we can get a free computer, internet access, and/or help with using the necessary technology?