International Consortium for Multilingual Education and Equity Curriculum Enhancement Packets

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University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Education and Human Services
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04-06-2021 3:53 PM
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The International Consortium for Multilingual Education and Equity (ICMEE) learning packets are designed to support the learning and development of multilingual students in addition to or as technology free learning resources. These packets are Open Access and free to download. They can be used in the classroom or to enhance learning at home, demonstrate growth, and to support flexible learning needs during the current pandemic and beyond. ICMEE has developed over 120 activity packets across disciplines, ranging from Levels 1-3 of English proficiency, and grades K-12. The breakdown of packets is as follows: C/ English Level 1 - Entry into English C/ English Level 1-2 - Entry into English/Building Background. These packets are appropriate for students between Levels 1 and 2 of English proficiency C/ English Level 2 - Building Background C/ English Level 3 - Interdisciplinary Inquiry
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