Effective School Leadership and New York City's Immigrant and Migrant Children: A Study

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Watson, Terri Nicol
International Journal of Educational Management
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12-06-2017 2:53 PM
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Purpose: This paper provides insight into the effective education of immigrant and migrant children: many of whom are classified in New York City's public schools as English language learners. It also highlights the ways in which New York City prepares school leaders and the policies that govern their actions. Design/methodology/approach: Literature review. Findings: The practices of New York City's school leaders are governed by the Chancellor's Regulations. These comprehensive mandates consist of four components and address issues related to students in grades K-12, school-based budgets, personnel matters, and parent and community engagement. In relation to students, including those classified as immigrant, migrant, and English language learners the Chancellor's Regulation A-101 makes it clear: children may not be refused admission to a public school because of race, color, creed, national origin, gender, gender identity, pregnancy, immigration/citizenship status, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnicity. Research limitations/implications: Implications for future research: How can school leaders (and educational activists) continue to support and advocate for immigrant and migrant children under the presidency of Donald J. Trump. Practical implications: Knowledge gleaned from this study may be of use to schools, districts, and educational leaders in the USA and abroad faced with similar demographic trends. Social implications: This manuscript examined the ways in which The City University of New York prepares school leaders, the required State exams for school leaders, and the educational policies that govern the practices of New York City's school leaders that are germane to English language learners. Originality/value: This review of the literature may study may be of use to schools, districts, and educational leaders in the USA and abroad.
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