Forum Guide to Data Visualization: A Resource for Education Agencies

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National Forum for Education Statistics
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01-08-2018 2:53 PM
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The purpose of this document is to recommend data visualization practices that will help education agencies communicate data meaning in visual formats that are accessible, accurate, and actionable for a wide range of education stakeholders. Although this resource is designed for staff in education agencies, many of the visualization principles apply to other fields as well. Our focus is on tailoring visualization recommendations to meet common needs of the education community, as determined by the collective experience of our working group members. This resource strives to C/ introduce the concept of data visualization and the ways in which it can improve how education data are viewed, analyzed, communicated, and understood by a range of education stakeholders; C/ describe key data visualization principles and practices that can be applied to education data; and C/ explain how the data visualization process can be implemented to support effective data analysis and communication throughout an education agency. It should be noted that this document focuses on the needs of the education community and does not reflect the full spectrum of data visualization strategies that may be used in other industries.
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