Dual Language Education: Historical U.S. Perspectives And Current Practices – Part 2

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01-01-2020 1:04 PM
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For English learner students, dual language programs offer opportunities to lead with their cultural and linguistic assets, leverage and nurture their full linguistic knowledge and skills, and engage in rigorous academic content learning, all while developing English.

As dual language programs become increasingly viewed as educationally beneficial, interest in them has expanded. Interest now extends beyond English learner communities and advocates to include native English-speaking students whose families are interested in the many benefits of multilingualism. Against the backdrop of this renewed interest in dual language programs across the country this podcast will illuminate several factors. Historically, this is an opportune moment for us to pause and reflect on the past as we consider the present and look forward to the future of dual language programs.

In Part II of this podcast, Dr. Elizabeth Bucknor, Education Program Specialist at OELA speaks with Dr. Marco Bravo from Santa Clara University and Dr. Louise Lockard from Northern Arizona University. The panelists discuss the need for increasing the reach of dual language teachers across grade levels, and the role and benefits of dual language teachers and teacher education programs in Native American communities

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