Multilingualism Digital Badge Program

OELA is pleased to introduce the Multilingualism Digital Badge Program effective May 1, 2024. Digital badges is one way OELA recognizes individuals who support and promote multilingualism through their professional development activities. The badge is awarded to those who display a strong commitment to advocating for multilingualism in their work or educational settings.

Once you reach a level, please complete the form below to request your badge. Please note you will be awarded badges based on your attendance of live OELA webinars after May 1, 2024. Webinars prior to May 1, 2024 are not eligible to earn digital badges. To share and promote this information among your networks please use our outreach packet.

Outreach Digital Badge Program Rules

Submission Form



Micro Badges

Multilingual Ally

Level 1: Multilingualism Ally 

Attend three webinars

Multilingual Advocate

Level 2: Multilingualism Advocate

Attend six webinars

Multilingual Champion

Level 3: Multilingualism Champion

Attend twelve webinars

Macro Badge

Multilingual Superpower

Multilingualism Superpower

Available after earning all three micro badges (Ally, Advocate, Champion)