Family Toolkit - Chapter 06 - English

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Chapter Six
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Helping Your Child Be Successful in School

“Helping Your Child Be Successful in School” is the sixth and final chapter of the English Learner Family Toolkit, which is meant to support families of English learners (ELs) in the U.S. education system. Each chapter has five parts: (1) Overview, (2) Family and Student Rights, (3) Suggested Questions to Ask School Staff, (4) Tips for Families, and (5) Resources. Information in each chapter varies. As readers can choose to access only certain chapters of the toolkit, it is important to note that some information may be repeated in multiple chapters.  


Schools in the U.S. see families as partners in their child’s education. Your child’s school may have events for your family to attend. These events may include meetings with your child’s teacher(s), social gatherings, and student performances, like concerts or plays. When you have questions, contact your child’s teacher(s) or school staff.   

You can help your child be successful in school. Know the school’s attendance rules. Know how the school reports your child’s progress. Ask if your child has homework and help your child in doing his or her homework every day. If your child needs more help with homework, ask your child’s teacher(s) or other school staff about tutoring services.  

Schools want to be partners with families. Your school-family partnership will help your child to succeed academically and in life.