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The Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA) has launched a new resource designed specifically to help educators and stakeholders better assist families of English learners (ELs). This resource comes in the form of an outreach packet that includes a guide for effectively promoting the EL Family Toolkit to all EL stakeholders. To learn more about the outreach packet or to download the resource, check out this blog. 

The EL Family Toolkit was recently updated and expanded to support parents, caregivers, and families of EL students. Alongside the toolkit is a user-friendly app accessible on both the App Store and Google Play. The six chapters of the toolkit contain information to help families and caregivers learn about and choose the education services that meet their children’s needs. U.S educators, principals, and other school staff can share the toolkit as a resource for ELs and their families.  

In the outreach packet you will find marketing materials tailored to assist with your various outreach needs. These materials encompass messaging that aligns with the goals of the EL Family Toolkit, sample text to promote the toolkit in newsletters and on social media, webinar slides and recordings to learn more about the toolkit, sample graphics, and more. Whether you're an educator, guidance counselor, family liaison, or part of a community organization, this resource is for you! By sharing the contents of the outreach packet, you actively advocate for EL students and their families. 

Ready to begin your outreach efforts? Download the outreach packet here: https://ncela.ed.gov/educator-support/toolkits/family-toolkit 

For questions, please reach out to askncela@manhattanstrategy.com.  

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