Navigating Federal Fund Usage for Conferences and Meetings

Navigating Federal Fund Usage for Conferences and Meetings
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Did you know that Title III funding can be used to organize, host, and attend meetings and/or conferences? This blog aims to provide you with information on how to effectively use these funds and provides resources to help guide your use of this federal fund allocation.

Check out this resource from the U.S. Department of Education that addresses frequently asked questions, providing information to grantees on the appropriate utilization of federal funds for conferences and meetings. The resource emphasizes that federal funding can be used to host and attend such events so long as specific criteria are met. These criteria include ensuring the conference or meeting is aligned with the approved plan, relevant to purposes directly related to the grant program, and necessary for achieving the goals and objectives of the approved grant. The resource also covers additional topics, such as whether or not federal grant funds can be used for food, expenses, and covering costs associated with organizing, hosting, and attending a meeting or conference sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education or a third party. 

If you're seeking additional information, you can find valuable information in the Code of Federal Regulations, covering topics including cost principles and conferences. Additionally, you can explore the State Support Network’s resource document. This guide addresses how to effectively use funds for meetings, conferences, and technology. 

Utilize these resources to engage in informed discussions with your school and district leaders. By referencing the relevant federal citations and guidelines, you can determine what aligns with the budget and travel authorizations.

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