Teacher Appreciation: Spotlight on NPD Grantees

Grantee Highlights: National Professional Development (NPD) Program
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The Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA) provides professional development activities and instructional guidance for educators of English learners (ELs) through the National Professional Development (NPD) grant program. This program aims to support the preparation of teachers of multilingual learners across the country and ensure that all students have access to quality instruction and resources that will help them achieve academic success.

A new compilation video showcases the impact of NPD by highlighting the success stories of grantees who are making significant contributions to ELs’ education. The video features insightful commentary from educators, parents, and higher education leaders about the program’s impact on ELs and their teachers.

Hear from grantees across the country, including Project Moving Forward, ECELA Project, ELEVATE Project, Project ÉXITO, and Project PEARLL, that have used their funding to create engaging learning environments and implement policies that support both teachers and multilingual students. 

Check out the video to hear directly from the grantees and learn more about the incredible work they’re doing.

OELA National Professional Development (NPD) Program: Grantee Highlights













NPD Grantee Profiles

Project Moving Forward (University of California Riverside): 
The aim of Project Moving Forward is to provide equal educational opportunities for bilingual students, helping them master English as a Second Language and build confidence. Their student-centered approach promotes dialogue and interaction, with comprehensive lesson plans encouraging participation. The “Rule of 3” language and literacy development program (Rehearse, Analyze, and Produce) has led to higher reading levels for participating students.

ECELA Project (Los Angeles County Office of Education):
The ECELA (Engaging California English Learners through the Arts) Project provides evidence-based professional development and family literacy programs. These programs incorporate arts throughout curriculum areas and utilize effective ways to help ELs improve their literacy abilities while also supporting social-emotional learning. The organization’s goal is to provide educators with equitable professional learning opportunities resulting in improved language development and academic success for ELs.

ELEVATE Project (Towson University): 
The ELEVATE (Enhancing Literacy for English Learners: Valuing Assets through Engagement) Project offers comprehensive coursework and professional development opportunities to assist ELs in developing their language skills, enhancing their literacy abilities, and promoting their socio-emotional well-being. This program is available through Towson University and serves Anne Arundel County Public Schools with significant EL populations. The ELEVATE project provides a range of professional development services, including personalized coaching, individualized training, planning assistance, and access to educational resources.

Project ÉXITO (Cabrini University in partnership with Norristown Area Schools):
Project ÉXITO (Professional Development Designed to Ensure Success for English Learners through Engaging, Extraordinary, Innovative, Teaching and Coaching Opportunities) is a professional development program aimed to help ELs succeed through engaging and developmentally appropriate lessons. The curriculum emphasizes authentic language development for learners and is taught using a variety of texts such as poetry, expository pieces, and drama. With Project ÉXITO, students are taught using the most effective practices and materials to encourage extensive learning growth. Collaboration with students, colleagues, and parents is an important component.

Project PEARLL (Loyola Marymount University):
Project PEARLL (Purposeful Engagement in Academic Rigor and Language Learning) is a research initiative that aims to extend the Sobrato Early Academic Language (SEAL) program. It involves 14 schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District and offers professional development, curriculum support, and technical assistance to educators. The SEAL model is research-based and provides a comprehensive professional learning program for coaches, teachers, and families to improve learning environments and classroom instruction for ELs. Its goal is to help educators meet high professional standards and prevent students from becoming long-term ELs by enhancing their language and literacy skills.


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